The Lord’s Supper/Holy Communion

We have Communion at the end of our pilgrimage. We decided on having Communion in an open, public area where there is the bustle of every day life. In our case, that would be ‘Marktplatz’ or the city/town centre. This can also be at a public event, which is taking place in our town or upcoming on that site. Using this concept, we also decided on a transportable communion pack- as it were, ‘Communion-to-go’. This consists of Amaretti, a type of Italian macaroon cookies as ‘bread’ and grape juice or liqueur as ‘wine’, which is neatly packed away in a small flask and plastic shot glasses to drink from. Our Lord’s Supper services or Eucharist Liturgies are eventful and insightful. Sometimes it is quite classical with all the usual elements. At other times it’s open –simply allowing things to happen and other times in silence.




Well, that’s all for now. We wish you lots of fun and enlightenment as you try out, experiment and change (or leave as is) things in your city/town pilgrimage.