How do we get there?

Let’s take a closer, more in-depth look at this saying. First, let’s clarify a few terms:


Body is pretty self-explanatory as we are talking about arms, legs, torso and so on. Every part or limb that makes up the physical body is known here as body.


The definition we’ve come up with for ‘soul’ is matters of the heart, gut feelings (intuition, and so on), feelings and emotions.

The ‘spirit’ is every thing, which occurs in our minds like flows of thoughts and brainstorms or bombardment of thoughts

When we find the time in our fast paced, multi tasking, hectic lives to simply gather our ‘trinity’ selves, that is body, soul and spirit then we will find that moment of being in the here and now. To be with all that we have, our bodies, our soul, our hearts, our emotions, our spirits our heads (meaning our thoughts) in one place at the same time is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Yet, this is the place we can be filled with God.